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Date Category Title Location Price Pic
  Animals - Horses/Livestock Equip:
Aug 3 Animals - Horses/Livestock Equip CM 3 Horse Gooseneck Horse Trailer Texarkana, TX $3500
  Appliances - Dishwashers:
Jul 16 Appliances - Dishwashers brand new dishwasher Vinita, OK $250 NO
Jul 7 Clothing Miss Me Jeans! Texarkana, TX $40 NO
Aug 24 Collectibles Bronze statues Lampe, MO $0
  Farm Equipment:
Aug 14 Farm Equipment Prairie Hay Square bales Chouteau, OK $4 NO
  Furnishings, Furniture - Bedroom:
Sep 1 Furnishings, Furniture - Bedroom Dresser & Chest of Drawers. Commerce, TX $100 NO
Aug 23 Furnishings, Furniture - Bedroom Antique Bed Commerce, TX $300
Aug 9 Furnishings, Furniture - Bedroom Rose Tree Bedding-Full Texarkana, TX $130
  Furnishings, Furniture - Dining Room & Kitchen:
Aug 23 Furnishings, Furniture - Dining Room & Kitchen Antique Dining Room Set Commerce, TX $1000
  Furnishings, Furniture - Living Rm/Rec Rm/Den:
Aug 23 Furnishings, Furniture - Living Rm/Rec Rm/Den Entertainment Center Armoire Commerce, TX $450 NO
Aug 9 Furnishings, Furniture - Living Rm/Rec Rm/Den Recliners with Rose Tree fabric Texarkana, TX $200
  Sporting Goods - Hunting & Fishing:
Aug 28 Sporting Goods - Hunting & Fishing API Climbing Tree Stand Afton, OK $150 NO
Aug 3 Any Avalon Pellett Stove Insert Texarkana, TX $500
Jul 30 Any Shoprider Mobile Chair Bella Vista, AR $1000 NO
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